German Music #5: The Isenbergs and BOY

About a week ago, I got to hear a fantastic concert right here in Damme at the St. Viktor church.  St. Viktor and a few of the other churches in the area host 30-minute weeknight concerts on a rotating basis.  The set up is ideal: it’s nice to hear a little classical church music, and 30 minutes is about all anyone can handle in a pew.  This concert featured not only organist Gabriel Isenberg, but also the dazzling vocals of his wife, Steffi.  If you have the chance to hear them, do it.  I had never heard Steffi sing before this night, and I was totally blown away.  Goosebumps blown-away.  It was like she had this secret identity.  Have you ever known anybody with a quasi-hidden super-talent?  I had a similar experience with my friend Kathleen.  I knew her as my rock ‘n’ rolling, T-shirt-crazed friend and informal cultural ambassador of all things Southern.  Of course I knew she sang, but I’d never heard it.  When I finally did, at her senior recital, it brought tears to my eyes.

I’ll stick with my theme of duos in this post AND give all you cool kids out there something to like before everyone else does.  The Hamburg-based duo BOY, which consists of 2 women, is excellent.  They’re all over the radio here.  Bonus for all of you who don’t sprechen, they sing in English.  Think piano and female vocals that suck you in.  If you like Feist, Aimee Mann or Camera Obscura, you will like BOY.  Start with “Little Numbers” and “Waitress.”  Wish you had a tiny piano like in the “Little Numbers” video.  Enjoy.

P.S.  The song “Little Numbers” talks about a 7-digit phone number, which you never see here.  I think they’re trying to break into the American market, so jump on this tip now and be cooler than your friends.

P.P.S.  I haven’t heard American radio in a while, so I may be months off on this tip.


About heidihefeweizen

I am a 29 year-old American woman who has received a Fulbright scholarship to work as an English teaching assistant in a German high school.
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2 Responses to German Music #5: The Isenbergs and BOY

  1. kathleen says:

    Aw shucks, Amandalein! (You got a shout out on my blog today as well, and I hadn’t even read this yet when I did it. Ha!) I suppose I am rather t-shirt-crazed, aren’t I? I’m seriously still trying to figure out a job where I can wear jeans and a t-shirt every day and have benefits/make a decent living. No dice so far.

    I am totally hip to this BOY groove! Thanks for the tip! I will look up more of their stuff. Funny sidenote: Atlanta hasn’t had 7-digit phone numbers since 1998 — we have to dial 10 because we have three area codes for the metro area.

  2. kathleen says:

    Oh, ps, do you know/like the Punch Brothers? They just had a new album out and it is totally kickass.

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