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Hiking Hokies: Jakobsweg or Camino de Santiago

And now for some love for my most recent alma mater.  Sixteen of my fellow Hokies are hiking 300 kilometers of the Jakobsweg (Camino de Santiago) in Spain as we speak.  They are blogging about the experience as a group, … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Heidi and Amanda: Dresden

I have so many travel reports to catch up with!  That’s not really a terrible problem to have though, now is it?  I should also apologize for my general lack of posting over the past two weeks.  I left my … Continue reading

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The German Public School System

I suppose some of you are probably wondering one thing when you read this blog: What are German schools like? I mean, come on, Heidi. You have been there nine months and we readers have no idea what you do … Continue reading

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If you need to brush up on European history, by which I mean see how the borders have changed, watch this short video.  The music is slightly over the top, but it is still a very cool 3.5 minutes.

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German Products 5: Multicultural Cold Remedies

We have just left the realm of the so-called “Ice Saints.”  Those are the saints’ days in May when the weather turns cold again.  According to folklore, the weather cannot get really warm until these days have passed.  Unfortunately, wild … Continue reading

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