German Products 6 & German Music #7: UEFA European Cup Edition

Ole! Ole ole ole!  Ole! Ole ole ole!

It’s time for one my favorite sporting events: the UEFA Europameisterschaft.  Think World Cup excitement on a smaller geographical scale.  People have parties, there are large public viewings, and even betting, just like the NCAA tournament brackets you probably filled out at work in March.  You probably noticed that I didn’t really mention anything specifically soccer-related in this list of things I like about the EM.  That’s because, just like with the NCAA tournament, I don’t really know anything about soccer.  As with the NCAA tournament, I will be filling out my brackets based on things like where I’ve traveled, which country has better food, &/or which country has the most attractive players, er, I mean flag.  (Cut me some slack.  I haven’t seen my husband in six months; something’s gotta give.)

Since the US is not in Europe, there’s no need for me to feel guilty about rooting for Germany.  However, just because I’m not in the US doesn’t there aren’t things to buy to show my support for parties beer the German national team.  I would like to share some of these with you below.

1.      Fan Section at Famila:  Famila is a grocery store chain here in northern Germany.  I love that they went with the “Sexy Title + 3 Other things” formula for their logo: Famila – Sympatisch. Nordisch. Frisch.  Famila has a fan section right out front where you can purchase everything to meet your black-red-gold needs.  I did not purchase most of the items shown below, but I wanted to show them anyway.  There are cowboy hats, lanyards, bracelets, stickers, flags for your car, covers for your side mirrors, air horns, key chains, wigs and even a vuvuzela, all available in Germany’s schwarz-rot-gelb flag colors.

2.     Candy:  Nobody has a sweet tooth like the Germans, so it’s only fitting that they have the candy to match.  Here are some festive peanut M&M’s and a bucket of Haribo Gummi Bears in black current, raspberry and lemon.  Lecker!

3.     Hawaii-Kette:  Germans love a good beach, and what better way to show it than with a lei.  Unfortunately, “Hawaii-Kette” doesn’t lend itself to as many double entendres as “lei,” so you may have to be more creative when chatting up that attractive soccer fan by the bar.

4.     German Flag Makeup Stick:  This makeup stick solves the age-old dilemma of wanting to draw a flag on your body, but not having a yellow eyeliner pencil.  Keine Sorgen!  With this makeup stick, you get a perfect flag in a single swipe.  Gotta support the team.

5.     Mini-Tricot:  I am from a country that loves a good koozie, so when I saw this adorable mini-jersey, I assumed it was for my beer bottle.  A friend of mine pointed out the tiny hanger and suction cup, and suggested it was probably for a car.  Since I don’t have a car, I’m sticking with my original use.  Rebel!

6.     The Soccer Scarf:  I’ll end this post with the traditional soccer fan accessory: the scarf.  As a Terrible Towel user, I totally understand the logic of waving a strip of fabric around in the air to support your team.  If you suffer from the terrible misfortune of not being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, think about the practicality: it can be really cold at soccer games.  At least you can be a warm fan.

This particular scarf was a gift from a friend and features all of the years that Germany won the European Cup and the World Cup.  Maybe I can add 2012 to the scarf this year.

The EM kicks off for Germany on Saturday, June 9 against Portugal.  Don your favorite Deutsch-wear and support the German national team with the battle cry: ‘SCHLAAAAND!

p.s. PLEASE listen to the official song of the EM 2012.  It’s so worth it, das versprech’ ich euch.

p.p.s Click here for all of the information and schedule for the EM.

About heidihefeweizen

I am a 29 year-old American woman who has received a Fulbright scholarship to work as an English teaching assistant in a German high school.
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4 Responses to German Products 6 & German Music #7: UEFA European Cup Edition

  1. kathleen says:

    Guess who ESPN has roped in as one of its studio analysts for this Euro cup? MICHAEL BALLACK. I am so happy! I would be even happier if I had an apartment full of schwarz-rot-gelb Gummis, a German flag stick and a tiny jersey for my beer bottle. Jealous! You are so set! I’m entirely certain that my Wednesday lunch will be a long one at a bar with televisions near my office. Maybe I’ll take my Schal along. 🙂 (ps — hilarious point re: lei vs. kette.)

  2. I love that little beer shirt!

  3. Collector says:

    “Mini-Tricot” – 🙂

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