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Carneval #2: Prinz Franz IV. Goda & Kinderprinz Jan II. Pohlschneider

With most things in life, someone has to be in charge, and Carneval is no exception.  Carneval’s main man is the prince.  The Carneval Elferrat elects a new prince each year.  From the group of eleven, two members have the … Continue reading

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[How] I Get Around

Well, darling, it’s really happening.  I’ve hit a third-life crisis, and it’s time to move on.  We have had some truly great times.  We’ve been through a lot, some good, some bad, all memorable.  I know it’s going to be … Continue reading

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Damme Skulpturenpfad (1-11) / Damme’s Sculpture Path (1-11)

This gallery contains 53 photos.

I have to start this post with a shout-out to Tammy Parks.  Every time I consider public art, I think of her and the discussions we had about it in her room.  Thanks for calling my attention to the beautiful … Continue reading

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Say “Yes” to Fun!

Based upon my recent blog entries, you would never guess that I do things here in Damme besides eat.  This area actually has a lot to offer.  This is especially true if you are willing to step slightly outside of … Continue reading

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