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It’s asparagus time!

Spargel! The German diet isn’t famous for being heavy on vegetables.  There is one vegetable, however, that Germans go nuts over: asparagus, Spargel.  Not just any asparagus, either.  In the US, we prefer thin, green asparagus, but in Germany, you … Continue reading

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German Schools: Student Life

If you read my first school post, you now have some idea of what the German school system looks like.  There are several kinds of schools in Germany, and, just like anywhere, there are many kinds of students.  I would … Continue reading

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52.5 Degrees

I did not plan to write a weather rant today, but the last few days have me so vexed.  I have to let it out.  Liebe Leute, today is June 6.  The high is 53°F.  It is raining.  It has … Continue reading

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German Music #5: The Isenbergs and BOY

About a week ago, I got to hear a fantastic concert right here in Damme at the St. Viktor church.  St. Viktor and a few of the other churches in the area host 30-minute weeknight concerts on a rotating basis. … Continue reading

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“German” Music #3: Katzenjammer, the Rambling Rovers and Auf den Dächern

The past week was a particularly stressful one.  All I had wanted to Friday night was read Verblendung/The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and try the new beer I found in the beverage store.  When some friends invited me to … Continue reading

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