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Carneval #6: Carneval Music

All good things must come to end.  I swear to you that this is the last Carneval post, but it’s a good one: Carneval music!  There are two types of music to discuss here: Carneval Lieder, songs, and Schlager, hits. … Continue reading

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Carneval #5: The Parade(s)

On Sunday, it was time for the main event… almost.  Northern Germany’s largest Carnevalsumzug, Carvenal parade, takes place on Sunday.  This is the parade for the Kinderprinz.  Then, because everyone likes the parade so much, they do the whole thing … Continue reading

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Carneval #4: “Vorfreude” and Heiligabend

After building your float and getting your costume together, it’s time to celebrate.  A quick check of your wallet-sized Carneval calendar of events reveals that Saturday is “Heiligabend.”  (Typically, Heiligabend is Christmas Eve.  The CarnevalistInnen in Damme have simply borrowed … Continue reading

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Carneval #3: Bundespräsident Christian Wulff steps down

And now for a post I hadn’t planned to write this week.  In a shocking turn of events that no one saw coming (ahem) German President, Christian Wulff (CDU), resigned at 11:00 this morning. A quick explanation for my non-German … Continue reading

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Carneval #2: Prinz Franz IV. Goda & Kinderprinz Jan II. Pohlschneider

With most things in life, someone has to be in charge, and Carneval is no exception.  Carneval’s main man is the prince.  The Carneval Elferrat elects a new prince each year.  From the group of eleven, two members have the … Continue reading

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