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German Music #5: The Isenbergs and BOY

About a week ago, I got to hear a fantastic concert right here in Damme at the St. Viktor church.  St. Viktor and a few of the other churches in the area host 30-minute weeknight concerts on a rotating basis. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving #4: Thanksgiving 2011 in Damme

Moin, readers!  I have to apologize for the brief hiatus in my posts.  Much has happened in the past week.  First, I got to welcome George, a.k.a. Dr. Hefeweizen, to Damme!  Second, Weihnachtsmarkt season kicked off last weekend.  Third, and … Continue reading

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During a spontaneous dialogue today, a student, who was pretending to be exasperated, told her partner to “Speak with the hand!”  (Bonus points for the pop-cultural reference.)

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After watching a pair of students perform a spontaneous dialogue, the English teacher asked the class “Where did this scene take place?”  A student’s hand flew up into the air; when the teacher called on her, she proudly answered “Justin … Continue reading

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