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An Incredible Man

Some men surprise their partners random, meaningless presents just to look good. A good man surprises his partner with a thoughtful gift now and then. If your partner is a really good man, that thoughtful surprise may be having bought … Continue reading

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Happy Worm Day! (A Tribute to Gummy Candy)

Meine Damen und Herrn, let me tell you a story. Twenty-one years ago, on a rainy night in March, a new holiday was born: Worm Day.  After making his way through a parking lot littered with the corpses of earthworms, … Continue reading

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“German” Music #3: Katzenjammer, the Rambling Rovers and Auf den Dächern

The past week was a particularly stressful one.  All I had wanted to Friday night was read Verblendung/The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and try the new beer I found in the beverage store.  When some friends invited me to … Continue reading

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He Likes Me for Me

Guten Tag, liebe LeserInnen, and happy New Year!  After 17 days in the US, and a bit of a blogging break, I am happy to report that I am back in Damme, alive and mostly well.  Once I have finally … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving #1: The Torture Pictures

Moin, everyone! It is officially one week until my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. On Monday, the girls at worked turned to me and said, “We’ve been thinking about it, and we think we should all celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s soon, right?” “Yes,” … Continue reading

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