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My husband, the nerd

I love my husband, but he is big-time nerd (but still so handsome, no?).  He writes code for a living, and I teach German.   When he tells me about work, which I welcome, I often have no idea what … Continue reading

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The 90s are Alive in Deutschland

I was checking out at the grocery store when UB40’s “The Way You do the Things You Do” came on.  Then,  a pack of teenagers zipped down the main aisle on rollerblades.  They were the second group of rollerblading kids … Continue reading

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Calling all Pittsburghers:  Check out this New York Times article about other Mardi Gras traditions in the US, including Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh’s Fat Tuesday Fasching Celebration. (In northern Germany, the pre-Lenten celebration = Carneval, but in southern Germany and Austria, it’s Fasching.)  You … Continue reading

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Carneval #4: “Vorfreude” and Heiligabend

After building your float and getting your costume together, it’s time to celebrate.  A quick check of your wallet-sized Carneval calendar of events reveals that Saturday is “Heiligabend.”  (Typically, Heiligabend is Christmas Eve.  The CarnevalistInnen in Damme have simply borrowed … Continue reading

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Nikolaustag and My Niece

In the German-speaking world, December 6th is Nikolaustag, or Saint Nikolaus’s Day.  This day commemorates St. Nikolaus, the Catholic saint who would later serve as the basis for the Protestant Weihnachtsmann/Father Christmas/Santa Claus.  In reality, Nikolaustag supports my theory that … Continue reading

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