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German Products 6 & German Music #7: UEFA European Cup Edition

Ole! Ole ole ole!  Ole! Ole ole ole! It’s time for one my favorite sporting events: the UEFA Europameisterschaft.  Think World Cup excitement on a smaller geographical scale.  People have parties, there are large public viewings, and even betting, just … Continue reading

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An Incredible Man

Some men surprise their partners random, meaningless presents just to look good. A good man surprises his partner with a thoughtful gift now and then. If your partner is a really good man, that thoughtful surprise may be having bought … Continue reading

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My husband, the nerd

I love my husband, but he is big-time nerd (but still so handsome, no?).  He writes code for a living, and I teach German.   When he tells me about work, which I welcome, I often have no idea what … Continue reading

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What the… ?  Who trashed my apartment, ate all of my cookies, and then stunk up the joint by burning broccoli?  Oh wait.  I currently live alone.  Well, dammit.

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He Likes Me for Me

Guten Tag, liebe LeserInnen, and happy New Year!  After 17 days in the US, and a bit of a blogging break, I am happy to report that I am back in Damme, alive and mostly well.  Once I have finally … Continue reading

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