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German Schools: Student Life

If you read my first school post, you now have some idea of what the German school system looks like.  There are several kinds of schools in Germany, and, just like anywhere, there are many kinds of students.  I would … Continue reading

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Hiking Hokies: Jakobsweg or Camino de Santiago

And now for some love for my most recent alma mater.  Sixteen of my fellow Hokies are hiking 300 kilometers of the Jakobsweg (Camino de Santiago) in Spain as we speak.  They are blogging about the experience as a group, … Continue reading

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The German Public School System

I suppose some of you are probably wondering one thing when you read this blog: What are German schools like? I mean, come on, Heidi. You have been there nine months and we readers have no idea what you do … Continue reading

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We are Virginia Tech. Will we prevail?

On Thursday, a police officer was shot and killed on the Virginia Tech campus.  The officer’s name was Deriek Crouse, and he was killed during a routine traffic inspection.  The gunman ran from the scene to another parking lot, where, … Continue reading

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During a spontaneous dialogue today, a student, who was pretending to be exasperated, told her partner to “Speak with the hand!”  (Bonus points for the pop-cultural reference.)

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