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Although this year has definitely been one big exception, I am usually very careful about what I eat and drink.  Here are things that I do not eat: MSG partially hydrogenated oils/man-made trans-fats high fructose corn syrup/fructose/corn sugar/whatever other name … Continue reading

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Berlin, part 2: The Adventures of Heidi and Amanda

After the Fulbright Conference, I had Easter break at school.  For me, the break meant three weeks of traveling.  I also had a visitor: my soon-to-be relative, Amanda! How will Amanda and I be related?  Well… she’s the fiance of … Continue reading

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My husband, the nerd

I love my husband, but he is big-time nerd (but still so handsome, no?).  He writes code for a living, and I teach German.   When he tells me about work, which I welcome, I often have no idea what … Continue reading

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Berlin, part I: The Fulbright Conference

My posts have been sparse recently because I’ve traveling for nearly a month.  Luckily, I have some great stories and photos to share from said travels.  Stay tuned! First up on my March-April travel itinerary was the Annual Fulbright Conference … Continue reading

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German Products 4: How ’bout eggs?

I love eggs.  I think they’re delicious and would like to take the opportunity to thank whichever early human first had the thought to eat that funny-looking thing it found in a nest somewhere.  I have had the incredible luck … Continue reading

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