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Carneval #4: “Vorfreude” and Heiligabend

After building your float and getting your costume together, it’s time to celebrate.  A quick check of your wallet-sized Carneval calendar of events reveals that Saturday is “Heiligabend.”  (Typically, Heiligabend is Christmas Eve.  The CarnevalistInnen in Damme have simply borrowed … Continue reading

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German Products 2: Funny-Frisch Currywurst Chips, Reinert Bärchenwurst, and Popp Herring Salad with Red Beets

It’s time again for another German product round-up!  It’s all foods again, and I think this particular group may be beyond compare.  Let’s see what you think. 1. Funny-Frisch Currywurst Chips There’s a lot happening here.  Let’s talk Currywurst first. … Continue reading

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Report:  Evidence gathered from audience clapping at the fall festival musical performance, a jazz concert, and an African drumming workshop for the 5th graders suggests syncopation remains virtually unknown here in Germany. Conclusion:  A conversation with some colleagues today, including … Continue reading

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You know the feeling:  you’re about to head to the Wiesn for a few liters of beer and a chicken, but you just don’t have anything to wear.  Fret not!  Der Spiegel, Germany’s leading news magazine, has made it easy … Continue reading

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Please don’t put stuff in my beer: Altbierbowle

If you ask people what they think of when they think of Germany, the answer will include some reference to beer.  While stereotypes are often based in the imagination, the connection between Germany and beer has some basis in reality.  According to Wikipedia – … Continue reading

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